Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Advanced Affiliate Strategies: Stealing Your Competitors Adwords Campaigns with Keyword Spy

Affiliate marketing is not rocket science, but it does require work and dedication. With affiliate marketing, your business works every single second of the day while targeting a worldwide market! Yes, it is true - the field is very competitive and if you want to become successful, you will need to invest time and effort.  There are many affiliate strategies. You have to try one for a while and see how that works, or try several at a time and compare them with each other. 
Yet, some of them are more successful than others. One of them would be

Stealing Your Competitors Adwords Campaigns with Keyword Spy

Although this method include Keyword Spy which is payed tool, I think it is worth. I tried this tactics several times with much success.  With Keyword Spy you can  track other affiliates’ campaigns  which give you most important  data  including the keywordsand promoted products so  you can quickly analyze successful campaigns and literally COPY the exact same strategy.

1) Log into your Keyword Spy account. You'll see search bar- “begin your keyword search here”. Hit the "search button" which will brought you to research page. There is a '"affiliate keyword" tab. When you press the button, it will give you Clickbank, by default, but if you don't want to focus only on Clickbank, you can easily change it, because Keyword Spy tool also 'covers' other affiliate networks as well, such as Tradedoubler, Amazon, even Commission Junction

Next step is to look  down bellow the page and search for so called ‘Super Affiliates’ section. On the right it is shown the top 10  affiliates of network you choosed. They all get traffic with Adwords.Among them,  find an affiliate who is promoting multiple products with a small number of keywords in every campaign. You can replicate fast his camapigns, because, this tells us that he is working on highly optimized promotions. Also, look at his affiliate ID. Click on it. You will get more details.
After you have  clicked on the affiliate ID, you are taken to a different page, where his results are shown in full. You will see exact keywords  he is bidding on Google Adwords  for each individual product that he is promoting. These keywords are money making keywords!!!

What to do with these results?
 Go through the list of products he promotes. Choose a market for yourself, considering these keywords. You don't  have to scan through pages and pages of keywords, just click the "products"  tab . Click on the name of each product . It will show you a keywords, that's been bidding. If you click the "Ad Variations"  tab, you’ll be able to see the exact ad which is being bid on for each keyword too
Set up your own Adwords campaign. Test few of these products. Use a direct link for everyproduct using the keywords you "steal" from 'super affiliate'  competitor. When you assume that is successful, create a pre-sell page. That will boost your conversions.


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