Friday, March 23, 2012

Bloggin' , bloggin' , bloggin' on the river (Beat a writing blockade)

What do I blog about?
How many times you asked yourself the same question? Blogging can be really hard when you have no ideas what to write about.
Every blogger have blogger's block sometimes. Most experienced know how to overcome it. Here are few tips which may help you:

1) Take care of your readers. Read their comments. Read it again.  What excites them? What they are often talking about?  Sometimes, reading through the inspiring comments give ideas and encourage blog authors
Advertisers are spending a lot of money studying their audience. Your audience are posting comments to your blog. You don't need any other method to analyse what your hungry reading crowd want to read. Feel the pulse of your audience.

2) Stumble upon. Great social network. Find some posts similar to your blog. Research and make notes or mind maps. Write down few proposals for title of your new post. Everything begins with the title. Title must be catchy to attract readers. Tips for relieving the mental pressure: tell yourself that you are just writing title. A simple title. Write some bulletpoints, organize it. You will come up with few useful ideas for the title. That is most important step in the beginning of writing new post, you know that already.

3) Ebuzzing is also good idea when it comes to inspirational blockade. You should try it. If you don't know what is Ebuzzing all about, Read more here 

4) Use a calendar. If you come up with a few great ideas for title, or maybe  you'll even have some notes about the topic you want to write about, schedule it! That's right, schedule your future unwritten posts, just with title and few notes. In that way you wouldn't forget some titles you would surely forget (it happened to me so much times). You will also create an "obligation" to write a post with that title on a scheduled day. Great way to motivate yourself.

5)  Write 100 words then take a break. Just 100 words. Then stop and think about it. Set your timer. You can even set your timer on every 5 minutes. 5 minutes of writing, five minutes break. Stop after fifth minute, even if you are in the middle of the sentence. That will give you enough time to think whether your writing goes in right way.  

6) inurl:blog (+) "your keyword" . That should give you enough ideas. Read  other blogger's posts about topic you want to write about.

7) Change a place where you writing. Come out from your bedroom. Make yourself a coffee and sit on the porch. Maybe that is not good spot for you? You like crowded places? Head over to you favourite Starbucks. The most important thing is to go somewhere  where the atmosphere is different than your home office. You can even interact with other people and ask someone their opinion about something. 

8) When you tried everything and still don't know what to write about, use one of a sneaky tricks to write something, just to keep yourself in writing shape:

-Make a top ten lists of something. I know i know you made it so many times. Make another one. Make "part 2" of some previous lists. Make another one "how-to" blog post.
- Do you know some experienced blogger? Make a short Q & A interview. It will grab the attention of your readers immediately.
- Make a poll. This is very useful because you will find out what your readers think. For a long term strategy their poll answers can inspire you to write about new topics.

9) I don't want to lie to you. Sometimes nothing can help.  Sometimes you're just really stack with a lack of ideas. It's OK. Go somewhere. Cut the grass or take care about flowers in your garden.  Make a lunch. Take a break. Even 20-30 minutes pause can get your ideas flowing again. Easy come , easy go...always have that in mind when you think about your writing blockade.


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