Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Can't Get No (onsite) SEOtisfaction

Google has complex algorithms for  websites ranking.  Most Internet marketers simply don't know enough about search engine optimisation which is the most important process for better ranking of your site.  If your website doesn’t make it to the first page of Google, you won't receive enough of website traffic from visitors who use search engines. Of course, the easiest way to optimise your website would be  to hire a professional SEO guy (or a girl :) ) to do all what is needed. But, what to do if you are just starting your Internet business and can't afford that? What to do if your budget isn't enough for hiring some SEO specialist

SEO is infinite struggle. It is much easier to get on top (although it is not so easy), then to stay on the top. Many business owners have difficulty keeping up with competitors and stay on first position(s). This article will help you to do a proper onsite SEO so you won't need to hire SEO specialist and waste your money on that. However, you will need to spend money on link building, which is inevitable, but at least you will save some money by doing onsite SEO all by yourself.
Now, I assume we all know about basics of onsite SEO. I will give you a few tips, assuming you know the basic part such as importance of title, meta description, keyword density, permalink structure etc. So, here we go.

Web Analytics - very important part!

Monitor your visitor paths and exit pages. It is very important. Keep monitoring and improving by making all  necessary changes . OmnitureSiteCatalyst  has very nice dashboard and it is also  very 'data intensive'. With this tool, you can compare different groups and campaigns   to see how they are doing against each other. Compare the data with Google analytics, pay attention for details, and you will always be one step ahead your competitors. 

Don' t forget to include Google Sitemaps. 

Sitemap is something like compressed version of the file which  can be created for all pages on your website. It is very useful especially if you have hundreds of pages. Before you upload your sitemap.xml (you must have Google account to do that, but I assume that everyone has a Google account. If you don't have it, just sign in for Gmail), you have to verify that your robots.txt allows Google to crawl the site . When you have your sitemap validated Google will crawl your site more frequently and Google's crawler will verify changes in the sitemap file.See Google sitemap here.

Internal linking structure.

Avoid absolute links to Privacy Policy”, or “About Us”, “ etc, because you want PageRank to be passed to your traffic pages. Don't use absolute links in your navigation. Use it  within your content areas, because PageRank score is directly affected by this. Be  sure you have a relative link from every page to your home page . You should link to portals or event to  directories  that are authoritative as far as your external links are. You must use your targeted keyword phrase for the anchor text. But keep in mind  to vary your anchor text when linking to your internal pages. For those who don't know what internal linking structure is, you can check it on SEOMoz. 

Carefully select  your CMS (Content Management Software)

Most of the people agree that using web-based Content Management Software for constructing  web sites- makes things easier. I must admit, it is a easy to use this software. However, CMS doesn't allow users to create differentTitle and Meta tags for different web pages. CMS also has limited characters. They are "resource-hungry", they don't index properly on search engines, and also CMS always need to be upgraded to changes in software. Obviously, it is  not so good solution for optimising websites. Every web page must have specific Title and Meta tags. Keep that in mind.Also, many webmasters are spending  a lot of time to optimise just their homepages, but they should also need to spend time optimising the inner pages as well.  In most of the proper (fully) optimised websites,  an optimised inner page gets more search engine traffic than the homepage.

Hey hey hey, that's what I say ...


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