Friday, March 16, 2012

Blogging for Business - Do You Really Need To Start A Blog?

My first sentence is - of course! You have to!


There are several reasons for doing that: 

First, having a blog allows you to have real time conversations with customers (if you own a niche blog, affiliate, CPA or anything that goes in  "money making category blog") . At your blog, every customer  can personally witness how you deal with answer questions,  is your content valued, etc. 

Blog can also help you drive tons of traffic to your site. For example, I am a content writer for  SEO Atlanta company. A lot of traffic comes from our blogs.
Blog can establish yourself as an trusted expert in your field, thus means - more trust for your opinions and writings. You can gain more customers, and even earn more money. 
There are so many ways to improve your blog. You can create polls and surveys, and actually get real-time feedback on what your readers and potential customers  like to see and what they want to see improved on your page. The more honesty and  transparency you put into your blog content, the more will customers respond to that. Blog community is huge. More valued content and interaction - means more loyalty of your readers. More loyalty  means increased sales.

Having several posts when your blog is started is not enough to get visitors to hang around and keep reading. You have to have enough posts pre-written so by the time your blog goes live you can post them all one after another. This will allow a reader to be able to have a look around at what your writing and the more people read, the higher the chance that they will subscribe and  come back for more.

To get returning visitors from the start you have to have at least twenty posts pre-written and ready to post as soon as your blog goes live. If you have more than twenty quality posts ready to go you can be assured that your readers  will stick around and read.

Long story short: having a blog for a small business purposes means more readers,  which leads to more  potential customers. 
You can think that you are not a good writer. So? You  don’t  need to be a great writer to have interesting  content and  draw traffic on your blog! Feel the pulse of readers. Try with guest posting authors. Improve your blog in any way!!!

You can personalise your blog with various  blog templates.  Your blog can also be a functional website, with, links, pictures, even complete with a product store, and everything else.
You need to have passion for blogging. Many bloggers will start to write couple of posts  per day on their first and maybe second week. Then will continue to post once a day or maybe once a week. That is so wrong. 
Organise yourself! Schedule your posts.  Ask any blogger, what they have done in first couple of weeks or even a months. Your readers will note come in first or second week. But don't be desperate because of that. Just keep to provide valued content and promote it.  You ask all of the bloggers that have done this and they will tell you that it took a week to a month before they started to get readers.

Yet,  maybe it is not your primary reason?! Some professional bloggers literally earns  $3,000 or more per month from their blog. Enough for more than decent living and considering blogging as a full time job from home, right?


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