Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I fought the Blog and the Blog won (Link building tactics for your blog)

When we talk about so called offsite SEO i.e. link building, we are referring to the links on the other websites that point back to your blog, as well as your site's internal linking structure. Incoming links and internal links and are both very important for your rankings in search engines. Now, let's take a look at some of the link building methods blog owners should be doing.

Blog contest.
How you set it up? It is up to you. The aim is to get people to link back to your site. You can give bonus contest entries to everyone who links back. Another good method is to find websites that promote current and upcoming blog contests. Submit your contest to them as well.

Blog's URL as a forum signature

Forum posting is another good way of getting other sites to link to you by adding your website addres) as a forum signature.First of all- read the rules regarding signatures. You can find one of many high PR forums list here .
This also can be very time consuming, so instead of searching for quality forums to post your link signature, you can simply hire someone who will do it manually, or even order on Fiverr gigs like this

Social bookmarks and news submissions
Use services without rel=nofollow. Show links to services like  Folkd or Blinklist. Always have in mind that social bookmarking services will mostly make a copy of what you bookmark including a do follow link back to your blog.

Website and blog directories
It is such an underestimated method. Ok, I admit that this strategy is somewhat devalued but it is still great way to get some backlinks. For example, botw.org  has specific directories. If directory has a high pagerank and also has a relevant category put a link to your blog in their listings. Head over Google and search for "blog directories". You will see a lot of them. Some bloggers will accept links to almost any blog. Others are maybe aim to more targeted audience.

Guest posting
The most valuable method at the moment. You can do it ion both ways: First is to write article and offer it to the other blog owners via networks such as MyBlogGuest. You can put your link in author byline after the article with your desired anchor.
Another way to promote your blog is to do it reversible way - Head over to My Blog Guest and find some useful articles for your blog from other writers. They will get their backlink in byline, you will get more quality content on your blog: win-win situation.

A common method for building backlinks: just swap links with another blog's blogroll. Be careful, not all blogrolls are the same. Some bloggers are very selective about which blogs they will put into their blogrolls. You need to check the blogroll of every blog which ask to be added to your blogroll.

Post comments to related blogs which are placing high in the search engines
Don't just spam it. Nineties are over. Instead of it, leave thoughtful comments.

You can also try high valuable method to build links using public data. It is hard to get listed, but it is worth of effort. 

Use a Wordtracker Linkbuilder tool  to find blogs that are part of larger media. Making a link campaigns with this Wordtracker tool can show some very interesting link prospects. 

Back ontopic: Large media blogs contain lots of fresh content and links. Therefore, blogs like that are very popular in search engine results.
To be honest, I must admit I don't have much success with large media websites, because they can often be hard to contact. You should on blogs on media sites. They are usually more accessible.


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