Wednesday, March 28, 2012

14 Useful Tips for Increasing Your Impact on LinkedIn

Linkedin become one of most powerful social networks, especially for job seekers. It is not just about uploading your CV and searching for job opportunities. LinkedIn is one live and breathing social network which is constantly changing and improving. Yet, free membership can benefit you a lot. There are few tips and tricks for using LinkedIn effectively:

1. Complete your profile! It is the most important thing and backbone of your successful LinkedIn presence. Almost 80% of  poll participants said LinkedIn helped him a lot for researching people and companies, also to contact them and assure in their capabilities. More than 65% reconnect with past business associates. Half of them build new networking relationships with members who can  influence potential customers. Include tour education, and professional summary statement. Use bulleted points for better readability. 

2. Join groups. Ask and answer questions. That is a gold mine for business people. Visit the LinkedIn Answers page where you can answer questions that other LinkedIn members asked. There is a good learning center about LinkedIn answers. Don't forget to participate in groups or even start your own. Display the badges of groups that are pertinent to your job area,

3. Automated LinkedIn features. Group members can add an RSS feed to a group, which become very useful in case you have your own blog, and want to publish new blog content. You can add value to the group publishing the article from your blog, and establish yourself as an expert in that field. This tactic will dramatically increase your blog traffic. 

4. Email status updates. What are you waiting for? Sign in! It is the easiest way to see what your connections are doing each day on LinkedIn network.

5. Leverage  third-party applications for LinkedIn. When you finished set up your profile, search for third-party applications that can maximise your presence on LinkedIn , This application can sync your WordPress blog posts with you LinkedIn profile. Full listing of available applications for LinkedIn is available HERE. This is one of my favourite apps which help me to learn more about my contacts. Use Company Buzz which allows you to monitor buzz about your products or business.

6. Your professional headline- Great headline will encourage visitors to your profile to read further. Spend some time and think about your headline.

7. Cross Promote. Promote your LinkedIn profile on your other social network profiles. Connect everything you can.
8. Include links to your most valued articles. I used it for my most comprehensive 101 seo term . Now it is ranked on first place in Google  for that query.

9.  Choose a 'custom URL' . Default format of URL of your page is something like If you don't know how to create custom URL for LinkedIn, here is detailed instruction.

10. Include specific keywords. Iif a recruiter types them into a search engine, he’ll be able to find you.

11. I personally use Google Chrome LinkedIn Toolbar . It has some nice extra features: you can comment on other people's updates and even share articles right from the toolbar. You should try it if You are using Google Chrome browser.

12. Save your searches!! Not many people know about this very useful trick. If you are looking for potential employees or employers, this is a must-have tool.  To save your search, just run your "search for people" in the bar, then click on ‘save search’ along the top right.

13. Manage your work projects! Yes, it is possible to do, although many people don't know about that. Install ManyMoon software, and e every past dialogue or task will be accessible through this app for easy management. This software also allows you to integrate Google docs, and Google aps. In that way, you can share documents. I strongly recommend this tool.

14. Use "advanced search" ! Using this tool, you can search for people , but also  search professions, industries, and much more as well. Combine it with (12) "save your searches". I bet Gurus haven't told you this :)


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