Sunday, March 18, 2012

Niche blogs - a golden mines for affiliate marketing

Indeed, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most effective home business opportunities online today.  Yet, not all affiliate programs have to be for profit. There are many people who are just looking to get traffic to their sites by cooperating with other sites. Just as a strong page on your website can help increase the rankings of your other pages rankings on affiliates’ sites can do the same. Don’t confuse affiliates with guest books or link pages. An affiliate marketing  is working with some kind of service or business to make a profit so it is a function of commerce.

Affiliate  programs are really  easy to find so just keep in mind what kind you would be willing to do for your site. The money you make from your online business comes from two sources: affiliate links and from referrals to others who join the business opportunity through your website.  Don’t give yourself more work than you need to.  Find profitable products from good niches.  Many affiliate marketers don’t  understand this. When they don’t make sales, they quit fast. Then, they  look for other programs and they are repeating  the same mistake. Blogs or more specifically - Niche Blogs,  are simple blogs which are  focused and target a specific market and/or niche.  Niche Blogs come into play because of  many capabilities and functions. The best way to take advantage of your new source of traffic and maximize your Niche Blog profits is to modify your blog template and add your affiliate programs marketing materials or even Google Adsense to it.

There is also another great thing about blogs in general. Search engines loves them!!! Every time you post to your Niche Blog it "Pings" the search engines and other RSS Directories you've submitted. That is "the sign"  to letting them know that there's new fresh content for them to come and index.
The more you post, the more pages that will be produced, which means... more for the search engines to index, which means more traffic to your Niche Blog. And- more money. 

There is no "Bad niche". Every niche can be good and profitable. If there are so many competitors, simply find a sub-niche with less competition. Probabbly  the best niches (where you should find some good subniches) for affiliate marketing are:

Shopping Malls: Some section of your home page might be dedicated to affiliate ads from a big company like As with the auction section, the navigation bar will list a number of categories and will take your website visitors to the area in which they're interested.

Nutrition: You might also have several smaller graphics that are affiliates of nutrition companies, and that sell, for example, bodybuilding or weight loss supplements. Similarly, you may have affiliate links for ecommerce sites that book vacations or that sell flowers, electronics, or supplies for pets.

Auctions: One portion of your home page can be a portal to eBay auctions, and actually list many of eBay's main categories. It also might have a banner ad that lists auctions that are ending soon, as well as an in-banner search box so visitors can search for items of interest.


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