Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Adsense

Adsense is a smart little idea which came in handy when  Google  wanted to maximize distribution of Adwords. If you have your own website, you can earn a good amount of money through Google Adsense. The Google Adsense program is incredibly simple to use. You sign up through Google and, once approved, are able to select the format of ads you want to list on the pages of your site. 

How does it work?
Every time you fire a Google search, alongside the search results, you find a few links displayed under the  "sponsored links." . The advertisers pay Google for displaying those links. They don't  pay a fixed amount for keeping those ads  but a certain amount for every time some visitor clicks on the link and visits the advertiser's site.The advertiser pays when someone actually clicks on the link. Google gets money for putting up the links (obviously), and the visitor gets to know of related links that could give him information.  It's a win-win situation for everyone.
What do you have to do to have  Adsense on your website?
Just copy and paste some HTML code into your pages. That's all! The ads will appear on your site and every time someone clicks on those ads, you get your share.  Once you have inserted the code and republished your site, it is time to sit back and watch. Google provides stats within your account area. 
How much money can you make?
Main important question. However, that's not very easy to answer. It all depends on a combination of factors like the page number where the links appear, keywords, and the demand for the day. Whatever the going rate, Google passes on a part of the revenue that it gets from your site to you. You can see at any point of time and on any day, how much money you've made.
Optimizing articles on your website for Adsense
Start by doing some research on your keywords. One of my favourite tools is THIS  You got to have a theme for articles:  sports, wedding, weight loss  etc. Key in this theme into the tool and make a search. The tool will suggest numerous keywords based on your input. There are a couple of features that I simply  love about this tool:  it shows you how many searches are being made for a particular keyword phrase. The greater the number, the more popular a keyword is. It also shows the search counts in the most recent month- great tool for measuring current popularity .
Make a list of these keyword phrases.Start your article with those keywords as well. To ensure that your article is optimized, sprinkle your keywords casually in every other paragraph and you should do just fine.
What if you don't have a site?
You can still benefit from this scheme if you don't already have a site. You will of course, need to put up a site in that case. You can put up a site easily .  First of all you should decide on the content of your site. Your site will have to be original, although its contents may be similar to that of other sites. 

Just concentrate on building an attractive site which will get traffic. The rest will then follow.


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