Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Youtube: (Psycho) Killer Strategies- Qu'est Que C' est (fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better)

YouTube is the most popular online video website. It is so popular,  when asked about video sites 99% of  people automatically respond with YouTube. YouTube give Internet users the ability to share their own videos with the rest of the world.  This is something amazing. In addition to being free, YouTube is also popular because it is easy to use. You do not have to be an experienced Internet user to enjoy online entertainment.  YouTube in social media sphere presents powerful weapon for viral campaigns.  It is very powerful social site. Due to its extremely viral nature, YouTube is a great  tool for Internet marketing, because, there is no better way to advertise to literally millions of people than YouTube. You can maximise all internet marketing opportunities using it. There are few tips  and tricks many people often  oversight in YouTube strategy. 

* Strategically place your video.
A strategic placement of  videos in your YT channel  will raise people’s interest. Make it a top-watch video using various SEO tricks (I usually buy 2-3 Fiverr gigs for YouTube).  Chances that  your video will appear on YT's home page, generating more possible interest. This .This is true benefit of real viral campaign over YouTube, because your video clips  will be watched and passed on by many people.

 * Don’t Forget Video in Your Title (and Title inside your Video)
 Make sure your title contains all the relevant keywords to your business, because the title of your video is really the most important piece of information which  you can provide to YouTube. Most searchers include the word "video" in search,  so including this word, can skyrocket rankings of your YT videos.

* Free Analytics Data with YT  Insight Feature
YouTube offers free analytics data where you can see discovery data, that shows you how people are finding your videos, including the links they followed to get there. Very  interesting. Beside  that, Insight feature offer data statistics on demographics, views and subscribers, for every uploaded video.

* Creating of definite genre for video clips. 
It  depends on what kind of target audience you intend to create the video for. For example,  more classic presentation will suit the professional and working market. Keep that in mind and make clips shorter than 5 minutes. Also make  people  curious about your business  or product. 
* Your Logo in Video.
Video  should contain your logo or your company name. Make sure that the finished clip will give out the message you want to spread.

* Tagged Keywords in Video
YouTube  is also organised on a tag word basis. More tags you use, the better, because you'll be maximising the possibility that your video shows up on a related search. Write a unique, keyword-rich description that includes a URL to your website.. Make sure to put the URL towards the beginning of the description.

* Create a High Definition video
YouTube  have plenty of storage space and bandwidth too. Main reason why they limit the length of the videos is to  prevent people from possible uploading copyrighted videos.
Why HD videos instead of SD? Because, if someone spent more time creating a HD video instead of SD, then the content should be equally good. That is marketing psychological trick, to get inside people’s head. High Definition (1080) or even so called “HD Ready” 720, would be good enough. Invest time, energy and efforts to create outstanding video. It is worth it. 


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