Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My personal list of most useful tips and tools for Twitter

Google still indexes much of the content on Twitter, especially user profiles. Then Considering all of that, I would say that Twitter  might be the single best Internet marketing tool  especially for link building purposes. Twitter is a very powerful tool for viral marketing when it is used well.

Here are some tips for using Twitter more effectively:

Create a complete profile. Be sure to set up  Twitter account with your  face as the avatar. Tweeter followers have more trust  when they see a face instead of logos and stupid pictures. This  is crucial for conversions.
* Try to include your keywords in the first thirty characters of your tweets, and make sure it looks natural. You can use URL shorteners.
*Use keywords anywhere in your profile wherever it makes sense. Put a link back to your site in your profile. Attention: if you don’t have a website that you are proud to be associated with, then don’t link to it.
* Don't forget to use Hashtags. Hashtag is the # symbol, which helps a lot in categorising tweets. You can find brief tutorial what hashtag means at this website . You can use it as a service too, which is it's basic purpose.
Schedule your tweets. Tweeting can be very time consuming. Instead of that, you can create "illusion" of presence, by scheduling your tweets, and post it when your followers are most active. There are plenty tools for that. I tried several. Tweetdeck, for example, is very well organised. I use it as a desktop application. Furthermore, you can use Twuffer,  which is online tool for scheduling tweets.  My personal favourite is TweetWhen although Twittimer isn't bad.
Find targeted followers. Twellow is a search directory for finding people by profession or other attributes. Tweepi is similar tool, but maybe with little bit more complicated interface.
Feed your Twitter! You will schedule most interesting and most important tweets at time your followers are mostly online. But, you can also feed your tweets with one simple technique:
- Head over to Google alert and put some queries. Import to your Google Reader, or some other RSS reader you prefer. Then, go to Twiterfeed and start your campaign . Name your campaign and copy URL of your RSS feed (right click on your RSS feed icon in Google alert). You can choose your update frequency, post prefix and suffix, keyword filter etc-  from  advanced settings. You can even connect your Facebook, or Linkedin profile.
* Check the power of your Twitter account. Use a TweetGrader

* Local networking! NearbyTweets are tool which can help you to find possible competitors from your area, who are tweeting about same topics as you are. Very useful tool for networking.
* Investigate social impact of your Twitter. Search for a url or  phrase (even Tweet name or hashtag) in TweetReach. It will show you how many users you've been reached for your last fifty tweets.
* Retweet, retwwet, retweet!!! The retweet is the spine of  Twitter. It is very possible for one tweet to reach tons of other users if it’s retweeted enough and by the right people.Retweets allows messages to move rapidly throughout the system.

PS. If you consider start retweeting, you can start with RETWEET ME :)


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