Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Facebook marketing tips Gurus don't want you to know

Social networking sites such as Facebook are increasingly turning into the first place people go when they get on the Internet.  Facebook is global phenomena and great place for viral campaigns as that. Many marketers make mistakes - they are strictly professional. Sometimes is good just to find some funny video to share, which is not related or loosely related to your products or business.

Ask your audience to post questions - another great strategy for better networking. You are giving them reason to answer which means more connectivity between you and your friends/ fans , or should I call it right way (since it is about marketing) - customers. One of the best ways to get your fans talking on Facebook-  is to ask interesting questions.Ask something what is entertaining and easy to answer. Don't forget it. 

One psychological trick you can implement to increase your news feed optimisation: invite your fans to promote their own pages on your Facebook wall. They will know how to appreciate that. 

Create a online calendar of engagement program. Give your fans an opportunity for "special insider" information about new products. In that way  you will feed them with new information about marketing plans. At the same time, you will 'feel the pulse' of  audience for future products. 

You can learn so much from this IKEA viral marketing campaign 

Create promotions and coupons: Don’t just limit the promotions to the first time someone engages with your company,. They will lose interest. You can put periodically things on sale, in order to keep people coming back.

Complete your profile. Design a custom Facebook page. If you don't know how, there is a plenty of 'Facebook custom page gigs' on Fiverr. Your Facebook page could be as good looking as a custom webpage design, really.  

Promote your brand with targeted Facebook advertisements. It works. If you are not sure how to do that, or have no experience, check this Facebook help.

Always reward your referrals! Offer gifts or discounts for a successful referral. You can really benefit from the network of your fans. Include them and get them proper reward.

Group chats. It is time consuming but is equally effective. 

Post user experience and encourage them to do the same. That can earn a lot of trust for you and your products.

Integrate a shopping cart! When your Facebook fans Facebook are convinced that your brand is good enough, a shopping cart becomes very handy. It can seal the deal right away.

Use the benefits of Facebook Market place!!! You can can advertise  product sales or services .You can also search for new employees there. 

Tag your fans in photos. Simple, but very powerful for engaging. You can even ask them to tag themselves. That can be a part of a promotion game. Lenny Kravitz uploaded pictures of his concert in Italy  three years ago. Then he asked everyone to tag themselves. This gave him excellent  publicity.

Use Facebook Insights. Gurus never told you about that, huh? Export the Facebook Insights data to an Excel or simply export it on Google docs. With Facebook insights, you can see which status updates performed best and get a sense of what’s most popular on your fan page.  

Integrate Social plugins to your site. You can integrate Facebook Connect Plugin in your blog or website. That  will enable Facebook users to leave comments on your blog without registering. Very useful.

At the end, check this two Facebook  pages. Maybe it will give you some ideas for your own. 
H&M - click here 
Red Bull - click here 


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